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Insignificant January 5, 2012

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In our jungle dome at the zoo I spotted this delicate bloom floating down a stream….which was pretty insignificant compared to the the exotic animal displays.  That little flash of red really caught my eyes.  Once I got home and got the image on the computer I was surprised to see the cool reflections!


28 Responses to “Insignificant”

  1. kamana Says:

    like fireworks in the water.

  2. thellinoony Says:

    Good eye. It’s not at all insignificant, it has it’s significance. It was there for you!

  3. thello Says:

    … for you and your camera. BTW: Now I found how to change my alias.

  4. lisa Says:

    Beautiful simplicity, and I love the detail you have captured Tammy!

  5. Lovely image…so delicate

  6. hmca14 Says:

    You have a good eye to find these images that could so easily go unnoticed…..thanks for bringing them to our attention. You have a delicate, creative image.

  7. danudin Says:

    Your always screaming for Lorrikeets, well they don’t think them insignificant, That’s what Lorrikeets live on, well the pollen. I also love the water background.

  8. Deena Says:

    Love the color! The simplicity of the image enhances its beauty.

  9. Louise Says:

    I love the colour here, and the tiny points almost breaking the water. Great picture!

  10. teespics Says:

    I love this one too. Good observant, eye to catch this.

  11. KarenAnn Says:

    Not insignificant in the least. I love seeing the flower tips pushing on the surface tension of the water…very cool image.

  12. jackscrap Says:

    Lots of lovely details to be seen in this image, red will always get my attention.

  13. Mary Lou Says:

    I still waiting to come to ‘your’ zoo!! Nice shot.

  14. Bobbie Says:

    It pays to stay attuned to the “insignificant,” doesn’t it?

  15. What a shot, Tammy. I love it in every way. It’s great to keep your eyes open.

  16. Ericca Says:

    You are so attuned to the beauty around you. I love the color in this bloom. You have a great eye!

  17. Cathy Says:

    Beautiful and great capture.

  18. Charlotte Says:

    Makes me want to touch it… 🙂

  19. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    Awesome picture! Love reflections of the rocks and the flower is beautiful. Have a great day!


  20. Jes M Says:

    So beautiful! Worthy of a frame =)

  21. It looks like a delicate water bug! Interesting and unusual.

  22. Ellen Says:

    How cool to have a bottlebrush flower or whatever it is float by, well seen and shot as ever. A great contrast to the lovely icy shots below too.

  23. Wayne Says:

    Great eye to see this!!

  24. Lorri Says:

    Lovely! The bloom looks a bit like the Blood Lily Ron recently featured on his blog.

  25. Edmund Says:

    It pays off to be alert. I probably would never have seen it. great shot.

  26. PC PHOTO Says:

    Far from insignificant!!!!!!

  27. bonniegunkel Says:

    This is AWESOME! I love everything about it. It’s got an abstract feel, yet warm and inviting. Love.

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