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Faucet February 9, 2012

Filed under: 52/366 Challenge — Tammy @ 8:00 am


17 Responses to “Faucet”

  1. Tony Says:

    So great a shot, and very well done!

  2. Bobbie Says:

    As the picture scrolled onto my screen, I noted the industrial textures and colors of stone, brick and metal–and then the unexpected zing of bright, fresh living green.

  3. John & Lois Says:

    I like the depth of this image and the green pop against the brick.

  4. Artlover Says:

    I like the sharpnsess and bokeh in this picture. Especially light. Great shot.

  5. Thanks…I learned a new word today 😉 I had never heard of a faucet before.
    Fantastic colours with the purple/red brick and the green leaf.

  6. lisa Says:

    Such a wonderful composition, and I love those colors!

  7. Cathy Says:

    Love the composition, the green leaf stands out perfectly from the faucet.

  8. danudin Says:

    We call them Taps in the Great South Land. They look High Pressure Industrial but I feel certain that it was the tiles and bricks that first caught your eye, as they are the stars to my eye.

  9. Steve Says:

    Love the rich colours on the brickwork…great shot

  10. Iris (Rose) Says:

    fabulous contrast between the manmade and natural – the colours are great – did you use any special processing?

    • Tammy Says:

      I did…I adjusted levels in PSE10 and then used Topaz Adjust (the spicify setting) and lowered the opacity to about 40%.

  11. Kathryn Says:

    Very nice – love the green plant under the faucet.

  12. Steve Says:

    Nice work Tammy, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  13. hmca14 Says:

    Like how it stands out against the brick…..tack sharp!!!!!

  14. Steven Says:

    Great foreground detail. Rich with color and texture.

  15. MikeC366 Says:

    Great saturated colours as Steve says. Would have liked for the pipe in the background to be a bit more out of focus. But lovely shot.

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