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Comfort March 3, 2012

Filed under: 52/366 Challenge — Tammy @ 8:00 am

One of my favorite comfort foods is chicken pot pie…it is much better homemade, but sometimes frozen just has to work!  🙂  It was still yummy!


17 Responses to “Comfort”

  1. steven Says:

    I agree, it is a great comfort food. For some reason these always burn the roof of my mouth, but they are worth the scald!

  2. John & Lois Says:

    My favorite comfort food in mac and cheese . . . but your pot pie looks so good 🙂

  3. thellino Says:

    So, good appetite!

  4. Danudin Says:

    I too tend to take too much comfort in food, hence my girth. But really Tammy how can you incorporate Chocolate into that!

  5. Looks delicious. I like frozed pot pies, also. Great DOF.

  6. Lynn Mortensen Says:

    yummy photo..I think Mom’s have a right to frozen

  7. Steve Says:

    Great DoF….sounds delish

  8. It looks delicious! I´m sure I would like it a lot 🙂

  9. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    Your right, homemade is better, but in a pinch frozen will do. I like the turkey pot pies the best with a side of hash browns. Now you’ve made me hungry. I’ll have to have a pot pie for lunch. lol Have a great day!


  10. ~Val Says:

    WOW! Yummo!

    Sorry for not stopping by lately – your blog fell off my reader somehow… 😦

  11. PC PHOTO Says:

    One of those forever comfort foods. This made my mouth water thinking of that crust melting in my mouth!

  12. hmca14 Says:

    For some reason have forgotten about these…..but won’t now! Always a treat!

  13. Deena Says:

    Love chicken pot pie. Nice capture!

  14. Iris (Rose) Says:

    mmmm, I liked your chocolate better 😉

  15. kim andrew Says:

    Mouth-watering photo. 🙂

  16. lisa Says:

    Ooooooo, this looks so yummy, and would be so perfect for today.
    It was so very cold here!

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