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Small March 16, 2012

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I went out this morning w/ my lensbaby sweet 35 and macro converters to look for small signs of life!  I was so excited to see my crocusses finally blooming!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


16 Responses to “Small”

  1. thellinoTony Says:

    They all are beautiful. Congratulations!

  2. Deena Says:

    Beautiful images!

  3. Danudin Says:

    Do you and Karen (Alibony) share a backyard or is it just great minds thinking alike, maybe I should post some smellies, as Summer (A real wet one) draws to a close!

  4. lyur Says:

    very very nice, I like how yuo have choosen how to detail and what to blur

  5. Iris (Rose) Says:

    beautiful series – the magic of new life! Here the leaves are starting to colour, though the weather has been as warm as summer.

  6. Bobbie Says:

    You are the master of that lens! Hard for me to pick a fave, but I think the yellow crocus has a fantastic combination of color, focus and composition.

  7. Steve Says:

    All great shots….you are sure getting this macro stuff off pat

  8. valspw Says:

    Really, really nice, Tammy!

  9. Kathryn Says:

    Love how you made a slide show of your photos.

  10. hmca14 Says:

    Love the slide show….wonderful images…each ad every one of them!

  11. John & Lois Says:

    Beautiful compositions!

  12. Wonderful slideshow…it´s spring!

  13. Sorry….dialup makes the slide-show VERY laggy….have to take everyone’s word about them.

  14. Ellen Says:

    So beautiful and hopeful too! Cool slide show.

  15. lisa Says:

    What a gorgeous image this is!!

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