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Athletic March 20, 2012

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High School soccer season has officially began.  Ryan and Corey help teammate Nate make a header…I don’t get many pics with both of my boys in the shot and I finally got one.  Notice Corey (#12 white) with a mouth guard…he got his part of his front tooth knocked out…and notice Ryan on the other side and his swollen face…he got all four wisdom teeth out and still insisted on playing 4 days later.  Needlas to say, the dentists got tons of my money this week lol


16 Responses to “Athletic”

  1. John & Lois Says:

    Great stop action image . . . great capture with both of the boys in the shot.

  2. hmca14 Says:

    Your boys are so handsome…..hate to hear that your one son got his tooth chipped! Our grandsons are just beginning their sporting endeavors…and I’m always afraid that they’ll get hurt.

  3. PC PHOTO Says:

    What a way to spur the economy 🙂

  4. Cathy Says:

    Great action shot, and dentists are surely good at taking your money 🙂 but good that they are there when you need them I guess.

  5. birdgardenau Says:

    Great action/athletic shot – sorry to hear about the dentist bills though!!

  6. Tony Says:

    Now, this is great, love to see your sons playing soccer; the dentist’s income will be guaranteed

  7. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    Great action shot of the boys. Dentist bills are outrageous, but a necessary thing. Have a great day!


  8. such concentration and intensity in this photo~very handsome teens!

  9. lisa Says:

    Omg Tammy, I am so sorry about my misspelling!!!
    Using my iPad and not checking very carefully.
    Tried to delete it but could not.
    Please delete it for me.
    I meant “Great shot,” as you can probably imagine!!!
    Ugh! Technology and me!

  10. Danudin Says:

    Great Action (Duo) shot and they breed em tough in Omaha Nebraska, but really Tammy only a Mother would notice the details you mentioned, everyone else would watch the game. LoL Oh my Babies (Big ain’t they!)

  11. Great action shot and I TOO….went through both football and hockey ( even more violent sometimes than football ) with my 2 boys.
    Thank the lord ( and the dentist ) for mouth guards.

  12. Bobbie Says:

    Fantastic shot! I really, really miss the days when my son played HS soccer. Thanks for bringing them back to me vicariously. (We are having two of his soccer buddies over on Saturday to celebrate his 25th birthday.)

  13. Steve Says:

    Great action capture…

  14. Madelaine Says:

    What a great stop the action shot and your boys are so handsome! Sorry about the dentist thing though!

  15. Ellen Says:

    What a fine action shot indeed! I’m sure the boys (men!) will pay you back for the dentist

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