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Fuzzy March 23, 2012

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11 Responses to “Fuzzy”

  1. danudin Says:

    Screams “Don’t Touch!! (or smell) to me. LoL

  2. Bobbie Says:

    Magnolia bud? (Not dangerous, Ron! It’s a nice smellie…very tame.)

  3. super super!!!! the pink hints of a spectacular flower to come…great detail!

  4. Fuzzy smellie……what will you find next I wonder?

  5. Tony Says:

    A very well done close-up!

  6. Cathy Says:

    Gorgeous colour!

  7. lisa Says:

    My very favorite flower, so beautifully captured!

  8. Steve Says:

    Awesome capture!! This is the time of year to capture the wonders of Mother nature

  9. Steve Says:

    Great macro shot…has everything

  10. PC PHOTO Says:

    Great details!!

  11. Ellen Says:

    this is so fine and so full of promise

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