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Perspective March 23, 2012

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A different perspective of a Star Magnolia using my lensbaby macro converter.

Here it is using topaz’s black and white filter (white mocha setting)…which do you like better?


13 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. birdgardenau Says:

    the colour – yes, the colour – simply beautiful

  2. Bobbie Says:

    Color! although I am usually a big fan of B&W, one of the things that makes this photo is the wondrous shades of pink.

  3. lordy those are both beautiful, I’ve fallen for the black and white, love the name for the setting ‘white mocha’

  4. They’re both nice but I too, like the B/W

  5. Tony Says:

    Love both of the pictures.

  6. Kathryn Says:

    Love them both. Just beautiful.

  7. John & Lois Says:

    I love them both . . . The white mocha image would make a beautiful composite background.

  8. lisa Says:

    Gosh, this is really difficult, Tammy.
    Both are so beautiful, but I think the first one is my choice.
    I think. 🙂

  9. hmca14 Says:

    A beautifully composed image, I think (long pause while I reconsider) I may actually prefer the B/W…..although on first look it was the color. HMMMMMM!

  10. Steve Says:

    Colour one for me…great shot

  11. KarenAnn Says:

    Outstanding macro…color for me!

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