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Crooked March 26, 2012

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Last night we took the dogs for a walk (it was another 80 degree day).  I always love this crooked tree in our neighborhood park and I couldn’t resist stopping and shooting it w/ the iphone.  I love how the setting sun made it glow.  Notice all the mow lines in our park?  We actually cleaned out all the flower beds and mowed our grass today as well.  We never start doing that until the end of April or beginning of May…the yard work starts early this year!  I bet we have a really hot summer!


20 Responses to “Crooked”

  1. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    This so beautiful! A new favorite. And I agree with you, it’s going to be hot this summer. We are having June temps in March, not a good sign. Have a great day!


  2. Tony Says:

    Yes, so beautiful, an image like a painting!

  3. PC PHOTO Says:

    I like the pale golden hues this time of the year have to offer. Great landscape image!

  4. danudin Says:

    Great painterly effect for Ma Bell and Co.

  5. lynn Says:

    very pretty and I still can’t get over what great photos iphones take..idyllic

  6. A beautiful display of colors. The sky is just gorgeous.

  7. bonniegunkel Says:

    We mowed our grass this weekend too. It was like 8 inches high in some spots after all the rain we had last week! Crazy! I love the colors in the sky, and how the light it hitting the houses. 🙂

  8. valspw Says:

    Love the processing on this – looks very Boomer-esque HDR…

  9. John & Lois Says:

    Love the golden glow shining on the crooked tree.

  10. birdgardenau Says:

    beautiful shot – those i-images are really nice, but of course the photographer still needs to have the ‘eye’

  11. lisa Says:

    This is gorgeous Tammy!
    The colors are so beautiful, and I love the way you composed it.

  12. kim andrew Says:

    Wonderful photo!!!!!!!

  13. Steve Says:

    Gorgeous colours here Tammy,,,,

  14. steven Says:

    Great colors and a wonderful glow. Don’t you just love the smell of freshly mowed grass in the early season? Sure hate the work in getting the smell, though!

  15. Bobbie Says:

    What glorious light. Nothing like having an iPhone in one’s pocket to capture the Moment when it manifests itself!

  16. Kathryn Says:

    So beautiful!!! I love the lighting!

  17. hmca14 Says:

    Nicely composed with a beautiful golden glow.

  18. Deena Says:

    Love the light, colors and composition! Stunning!

  19. So vibrant and colorful! Looks like it was a beautiful time to walk.

  20. Ellen Says:

    Not much I can add to what has been said, I too love the colors and the almost illustrated look. While you have been basking it has been way cooler than average here.

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