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Discovery April 4, 2012

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11 Responses to “Discovery”

  1. John & Lois Says:

    Love the way the bird and the children are so focused on each other.

  2. hmca14 Says:

    Agree, they seem to be taking each other in!

  3. lynn Says:

    I wonder what one thinks of the other, and just look at those LEGS!

  4. thellino Says:

    Life is excviting, there are so many things to discover.

  5. valspw Says:

    I think we saw one of these in London and that was just about my expression, too (the little girl). Ha!

  6. danudin Says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we (Full Size) kids could communicat with creatures like this young one is achieving!

  7. Steve Says:

    Such a cute capture Tammy. Well done

  8. Bobbie Says:

    Which one thinks the other one is in the zoo?

  9. Steve Says:

    They both seem to studying each other….great capture and great shot

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