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Edible May 8, 2012

Filed under: 52/366 Challenge — Tammy @ 9:17 am
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This squirrel is working hard for it’s food…



11 Responses to “Edible”

  1. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    He does look busy. Have a great day!


  2. Artlover Says:

    Mumsimumsi:-) Great pic.

  3. danudin Says:

    He will never get fat having to do all those callistenics. So Damn Cute.

  4. Bobbie Says:

    They are so sneaky and inventive.

  5. Squirrels are so funny. He is really hanging in there.

  6. bonniegunkel Says:

    He is super cute!

  7. hmca14 Says:

    Love the angle you shot from with this one!

  8. munchow Says:

    Great picture of a squirrel

  9. Steve Says:

    Great image…love it

  10. Kathryn Says:

    Wonderful capture.

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