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My Little Secret May 23, 2012

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I always get compliments on this plant.  What people don’t know is I have no idea what it is and how it got where it is.  It just started growing last year (probably a bird dropped a seed)…and I fell in love w/ it’s blooms so I left it alone.  This year it is getting huge.  Now every time someone says how beautiful it is, I smile and say thanks lol


16 Responses to “My Little Secret”

  1. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    Can’t help on what it is, but it’s beautiful! I see I’ve missed a few pictures. Love the graduation picture, awesome! Have a great day!


  2. danudin Says:

    Just proves that a neglected plant is bound to flourish!

  3. lynn Says:

    we’ve a bush/tree arrived in the same manner many years ago, is over 6 feet high now, no idea of what it is or where it came from, this is a gorgeous photo!

  4. bonniegunkel Says:

    I think it is just adorable. The detail in that flower is amazing!

  5. John & Lois Says:

    Beautiful composition. The flower is intriguing with the five round petals forming a star in the center.

  6. valspw Says:

    Is it a potentilla?

    • Tammy Says:

      i thought that, but when seeing the bloom close up in pics I never see the star in the center of the bloom.

  7. thellino Says:

    I’d say, it’s a wonderful secret!

  8. hmca14 Says:

    The green looks as lovely as the flower.

  9. Lorri Says:

    The perseverance of nature. Love the dark greens and soft yellow.

  10. Bobbie Says:

    What a pretty pale blossom–an unusual gift from nature.

  11. PC PHOTO Says:

    Looks like a potentilla. Beautiful.

  12. Ellen Says:

    How lovely, that soft yellow is one of my favorite colors, lights up what ever is around it. I’m guessing potentilla too.

  13. birdgardenau Says:

    Love the colours and the star 🙂

  14. KarenAnn Says:

    Very pretty…would be fun to know how far that seed had traveled before it was “given” to you.

  15. Steve Says:

    Dunno what it is, but its a great shot and lovely colour

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