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Silhouette May 26, 2012

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19 Responses to “Silhouette”

  1. ~Val Says:

    WOW Tammy, this is awesome!! Creepy bird and beautiful bokeh to set him off.

  2. Danudin Says:

    No it isn’t – It’s just Black Blue cheater, you’d never catch mME doing that! LoL

  3. Beautiful shot! I always love the greenish blue bokehlishous backgrounds!

  4. Brian Gaynor Says:

    Fantastic capture, Tammy!

  5. lynn Says:

    beautiful beautiful ++ capture!

  6. Ellen Says:

    Wow! The eye aces this. Fine bokeh too.

  7. regularman Says:

    I know we’re not supposed to like grackles, but they’re so breathtakingly beautiful … and you’ve shown this one off so well!

  8. Cathy Says:

    Fantastic shot

  9. thellino Says:

    So beautiful!

  10. birdgardenau Says:

    love the shapes in this silhouette

  11. It’s great. You did an excellent job with the silhouette and isolating the bird.

  12. Madelaine Says:

    Strikingly beautiful! Love it!

  13. hmca14 Says:

    Awesome silhouette, Tammy! Something else to try….do like the inspiration blogging provides!

  14. simplicity and perfect

  15. Steve Says:

    Great shot…love the bokeh

  16. Bobbie Says:

    Quit real estate, girl, and go into photography! This is so sleek, so elegant in form. so simple; a touch more than a silhouette, but subtly so.

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