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Broken May 27, 2012

Filed under: 52/366 Challenge — Tammy @ 12:29 pm

We put a bottle of wine in the freezer to chill it for a bit and forgot about it…oops…who says alcohol doesn’t freeze??


14 Responses to “Broken”

  1. Danudin Says:

    What sort of a card carrying Drunk would waste THAT MUH Booze LoL We’re all guilty of this once in a life.

  2. John & Lois Says:

    A winecycle would be nice . . . but without the broken glass.

  3. birdgardenau Says:

    sad – wine granita anyone????

  4. Looks dangerous. Please be careful with that.

  5. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    Well, that’s one for the books. I didn’t think alcohol froze, but it looks it does. Have a great day!


  6. Steve Says:

    Been there done that before. I am usually cleaning up frozen coke

  7. hmca14 Says:

    Oh no…..not a pretty picture!

  8. What a pity 😉 And it looks very dangerous…please be careful.

  9. Ouch, hope no one got hurt cleaning up. Pity on the wine….

  10. thellino Says:

    Though it’s a pity to the alcohol, someone learned something …

  11. lisa Says:

    Been there, done that.
    Unfortunately not just once! 🙂

  12. Steve Says:

    Alcohol doesn’t freeze….its the water that freezes….there is only 12% alcohol in there and thats probably swilling around in the bottom of your freezer lol

  13. Bobbie Says:

    So sad! That would make me a Woman who Whines.

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