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High Speed June 24, 2012

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As the snow melts it comes barreling down from the mountain tops…


10 Responses to “High Speed”

  1. Danudin Says:

    I don’t think “Rapids” refers to the speed Tammy but it is a beautiful scene!

  2. ~Val Says:

    Nice choice for this theme – and beautifully shot!

  3. John & Lois Says:

    Love the silky look of the water rushing down the mountain.

  4. Cathy Says:

    Beautiful! I love waterfalls.

  5. Bobbie Says:

    The water is perfectly silken.

  6. Lisa Gordon Says:

    I love the wonderful softness here.
    So nicely captured!

  7. Jeremy Says:

    Very cool water fall shot. There always cool with a slow shutter speed, and you have shown this here!

  8. Steve Says:

    Love the softness of the water against that hard gritty processing on the rocks…great stuff

  9. bonniegunkel Says:

    This is beautiful. Your vacation pics are amazing!

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