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Religion July 14, 2012

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For the past few days we have been at the boys’ college orientation.  They are going to Creighton University and this is the church on campus….isn’t it beautiful?  The boys wouldn’t let me take my camera with me (“how embarressing, mom!)!  So this was taken w/ the good old iphone…I edited it in pse10 on the computer though.  You can learn a little about the church HERE.


10 Responses to “Religion”

  1. Danudin Says:

    I see no photo Tammy, delete after readinf Please. Ron

  2. regularman Says:

    I see it just fine. Ron … try more carrots! 😉

    Congrats to them on their college selection, I wish them the best!

  3. bonniegunkel Says:

    Wow! That is a beautiful building! Good luck to the boys as they begin this new chapter in their lives!

  4. Beautiful church… love your processing.

  5. John & Lois Says:

    Love the processing for this beautiful church.

  6. birdgardenau Says:

    lovely old church and great for a phone shot!

  7. Steve Says:

    Great shot and great processing…detail is awesome

  8. Bobbie Says:

    Nice monotone

  9. thellino Says:

    Love the very appropriate processing!

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