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Smoke September 7, 2012

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Anyone care for a smoke?  I hate when people throw trash to the birds and animals!  I don’t get how people don’t understand how dangerous this is for them!


13 Responses to “Smoke”

  1. bonniegunkel Says:

    OMG…that is horrible! I’m a former smoker, and I always hated to see people throw their butts down on the ground. This poor guy found two of them. Sickening. What in the world kind of bird is that?

  2. lynn Says:

    this is so ugly, not your photo but the visual proof of how careless and thoughtless we are with our garbage…he is an interesting looking bird

  3. John & Lois Says:

    Great shot and visual commentary about the harm careless smokers can cause.

  4. Danudin Says:

    In the Army the detail of picking up butts and other trash was called an “Emu Bob” but that looks like a “Hprnbill” must be American tradition. – Bloody Litterers.

  5. Mary Lou Says:

    Oh my gosh that is disgusting!! Nice image though!!

  6. jackscrap Says:

    Great image, I hope this bird knows the difference about what’s edible and what’s not.

  7. ~Val Says:

    Wow – this picture really makes me angry – especially since it was shot at a ZOO!

  8. Bobbie Says:

    Oh dear–that is distressing!

  9. Lisa Gordon Says:

    Oh my goodness, this is terrible!
    Some just don’t think (or don’t care)

  10. PC PHOTO Says:

    Wow Tammy this looks like a claymation character. Too bad it picked up a bad habit.

  11. No comment because your photo says it all !!

  12. Ellen Says:

    What a fine and disturbing capture.
    You have such a great number of outstanding images from this zoo. I sure could see this as a poster to remind how nasty littering is.

  13. KarenAnn Says:

    This picture is worth more than a thousand words.

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