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Gathering October 1, 2012

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Bogy is happiest when his toys are gathered around him.  If we put them in his toy box he gets really nervous and drags them all out again.  Needlas to say, we don’t keep many in his box….and here I thought my days of putting toys away were over.


11 Responses to “Gathering”

  1. bonniegunkel Says:

    That is too funny! Cullen is like that too with his rope bones. He can’t stand for them to be put away 🙂

  2. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    He is so cute! Have a great day!


  3. danudin Says:

    Isn’t it marvelous that our pets constantly remind us what is important. If you have friendss, then you have to be able to see, touch and smell them! Listen to Bogy

  4. John & Lois Says:

    Bogy know what is important to his comfort. He could pass for one of the stuffed toys. So adorable!

  5. Ellen Says:

    So cute! Does he share with Chloe?

  6. lynn Says:

    I think dogs are all alike, ours does the same, drags them everywhere, hides them under our pillows, stuffs them down the sofa cushions, I love it..I love how you have Bogy’s one eye peeking at you…

  7. Lisa Gordon Says:

    I saw this on FB. What a sweet shot.

  8. KarenAnn Says:

    Bogy looks rather pleased with himself and his stuffed friends. Love this expression!

  9. Bobbie Says:

    Reminds me of the scene in ET where ET is hiding in the closet with all of the kids’ toys.

  10. This is such a precious picture!!!

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