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XFactor October 13, 2012

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My African Violets are still in full bloom and still have that X-factor even after a few frosts.


12 Responses to “XFactor”

  1. John & Lois Says:

    Gorgeous color and depth of field.

  2. danudin Says:

    Wonderful colours! Hey on my Photowalk to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens yesterday, I discovered where flowers come from and will show you in a day ot two, keep tuned.

  3. lynn Says:

    goodness such beautiful even after two frosts! I’m jealous!

  4. lynn Says:

    beautiful colour….

  5. Lisa Gordon Says:

    Oh goodness, I wish mine were!
    The frost on Friday night, put a very quick end to them.
    They gave us a beautiful show this year though.

  6. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful color! Love the texture in this picture. Have a great day!


  7. Bobbie Says:

    This one virtually glows, especially against that deep green background.

  8. Ellen Says:

    You really made these African daisies pop! Perfect focus and DOF.

  9. PC PHOTO Says:

    Stunningly detailed!!!

  10. KarenAnn Says:

    Wow, what a color combo!

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