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Identity November 13, 2012

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Meet Donald.  At first I thought he was an immature Bald Eagle, but later I saw the sign that identified him as a Golden Eagle.  I had never seen a Golden Eagle up close so I was thrilled.  The Golden Eagle lives in the Northern Hemisphere and prefers fields and land for his hunting (Bald Eagles are usually found around water).  Donald was also hit by a car and his right wing was injured in two different spots and therefore he can not fly as well.  Donald loves being sprayed w/ water, that is why you see all the water drops on his feathers.


10 Responses to “Identity”

  1. bonniegunkel Says:

    He is beautiful and your shots are amazing! Love love the close-up!

  2. John & Lois Says:

    He is gorgeous! Love the sparkle in his eye.
    The crisp details are fantastic.

  3. Sherrie Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    He’s a very handsome fellow. I’ve not see a Golden Eagle, thanks for sharing. Have a great day!


  4. jackscrap Says:

    Still looks quite majestic despite his injury, loving the tiny water droplets on his portrait.

  5. danudin Says:

    Love Donald and the opportunity his misfortune gave you. He looks fairly similar to our Wedgetailed Eagles.

  6. This is such a wonderful photo. Those water droplets are just fabulous!

  7. PC PHOTO Says:

    The hooked beak on Donald is so cool I’m glad you did a head and shoulder view too it really accentuates it.

  8. Madelaine Says:

    Great shot Tammy! I used to go out with a Donald in another life……but he was much better looking. Then again, I’ve not seen too many Donald’s in this species!

  9. Bobbie Says:

    Goldens are just as regal, though not as flashy, as bald eagles. that bottom shot is just beyond incredible.

  10. KarenAnn Says:

    Magnificent macro…love seeing the details on these birds. Have seen them flying in the wild but definitely not close up.

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