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Maturity December 28, 2012

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You are all probably getting sick of my cardinal pics, but I have not been getting out with my camera much lately.  This is a pair of mature cardinals…you can tell by their color…immature cardinals are brown. I finally captured two together, I have been trying to do this for years!  Needlas to say I am quite happy!



Travel December 26, 2012

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She must be traveling home for the holidays…



Duty December 20, 2012

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I think the male cardinal thinks it’s the females duty to go look for the food…that’s not how it works in my household!  Ha!


Last night we had our first blizzard of the year….8.6″ of snow and 50mph winds.  Not the most snow we ever had but combined with the winds it made travel quite hazardous.  Today everything was shut down and tons of households were without electricity.  Luckily our electricity went out last night and was back on by morning.  I stayed cozy and warm and didn’t leave the house….it felt really good!


Elaborate December 12, 2012

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Real Life December 11, 2012

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Here is a lazy Roadrunner in real life!  Beep Beep



Blessing November 24, 2012

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This turkey is counting it’s blessings that it made it through another Thanksgiving….but, it is still running, just in case!  🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Full November 15, 2012

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While at the eagle center we were lucky enough to see an eagle eat.  Meet Harriet.  Harriet too has an injured wing, and also if you notice her punk hair do, she also may have had some scar tissue on her head that caused her feathers to grow this way.   Harriet’s favorite meal is rats, but her second most favorite meal is a rabbit.  We learned that an Eagles beak is not that strong, they hunt primarily with their feet and claws by ripping their prey apart.  When they eat they swallow the bones and all.  Doesn’t sound very appetizing to me!  Harriet had this rabbit down in minutes and afterwards looked very full!


Also, just to prove Christina and I were really together here is a quick picture.  Both Christina and I are alike in that we both don’t like our pics takes.  lol