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Candid July 11, 2012

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My 3 favorite boys…


Family July 10, 2012

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This is the boys and their cousin Bella.  They all graduated from high school this year and are all getting ready to go off to college.  They have been the best of friends since they have been born…even after Bella moved to Minneapolis.  Just goes to show that even distance can’t break family ties!  Bella will be staying w/ us for the month of August and we all can’t wait for her to get here! This was taken at Bella’s graduation party in Minneapolis in June.



Glamour April 17, 2012

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What could be more glamorous than your Sr Prom?  On the day of prom we had tornado watches and warnings and torrential rains all day.  They had to move prom from the Sac Museum (a really nice venue about 1/2 hour away) to their high school due to the interstate flooding.  It was a big bummer for the kids, but I think they all still had a great time.

Ryan and Morgan


Corey and Megan


I am sure many of you have noticed I have been missing for a bit…this past week was incredibly busy with prom and relatives coming into town to see the girls all dressed up.  I will be rather sketchy for the next month or so…it seems like the boys have us busy almost every night until graduation.  🙂   I still can’t believe my babies are all grown up!  I will try to get around to comment in the next few days!  And as always, I really appreciate all the nice comments you all leave on my blog!


Athletic March 20, 2012

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High School soccer season has officially began.  Ryan and Corey help teammate Nate make a header…I don’t get many pics with both of my boys in the shot and I finally got one.  Notice Corey (#12 white) with a mouth guard…he got his part of his front tooth knocked out…and notice Ryan on the other side and his swollen face…he got all four wisdom teeth out and still insisted on playing 4 days later.  Needlas to say, the dentists got tons of my money this week lol